Vacation Edition: Breakfast Buffet

We’ve all been there: spring break rolls around and all your clean eating and healthy resolutions go out the window because, as you tell yourself, it’s vacation! Enjoy yourself! I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong but you can make healthier choices while still enjoying yourself. 

First example: the breakfast buffet. Buffets are often challenging because they offer endless amounts of food and lots of tempting but unhealthy options. My first rule is fruit. I ALWAYS fill a plate of fruit, for each meal, as a dessert, a side, or whatever you want to consider it. While fruit sometimes gets a bad rap for its sugar content, it’s still natural sugars so better than that donut you were reaching for. Also, opt for melon fruits because they have a higher water content, and hydration is always key! 

My second rule is to always get something fresh and made to order. Usually there will be an egg and omelette station, which is perfect because eggs are a great source of protein. If you go for an omelette, make sure to keep meat fillings minimal (i.e. limit yourself to two if you really have to) and go heavy on the veggies. I’m a big supporter of getting a good serving of vegetables in early. If you opt for eggs, try to find some fresh veggies to eat them on top of and some kind of salsa or hot sauce for added flavor and nutrients. 

As a big bacon lover, buffets can be my downfall as they offer a plethora of nitrate loaded meats. If I am really craving a salty slice, I’ll let myself get two pieces but stop myself there. 

If you really want a treat, limit yourself to one sweet item. One benefit of buffet desserts and sweets is that they are generally pretty small in size so if you can keep yourself to just one, it’s easy to portion control.

For inspiration: today I had mango, pineapple, and watermelon for my fruit. I also had two fried eggs with pico de gallo and some salsa verde (featured in the photos). Yesterday I opted for two eggs over spinach, diced jalepenos, and chopped onions, all covered with salsa roja. I had watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew for my fruit plate. 

And don’t forget: coffee. Always remember coffee. 


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