Vacation Edition: Lunch/Dinner Buffet

In continuing with the vacation theme, I thought I would give some advice regarding lunch and dinner buffets. You should tackle them similarly to the breakfast buffet: look for vegetables, fresh fruit, and made to order selection. 

Generally there will be a lunch special that is made to order, like the fajitas featured in my pictures. I almost always get this option, as it is guaranteed to be fresher and taste better than the food sitting around in hot plates. 

I like the options of fajitas or tacos, as they help to control portion sizes, but if it’s not an easily portionable dish, just ask for less than what they would typically offer for a serving size. Even if you go back for more, this encourages you to not waste food and also take your time eating. 

If there is no fresh made to order option (rare that this will happen at dinner but sometimes is the case at lunch), I like to make a sandwich. Almost every buffet will have a cheese and meet selection in addition to bread and a salad bar. Choose a meat, a cheese, some bread, and as many veggies as you want to build your sandwich. Easy! 

Another trick is to get a smaller sized plate. You’ll fill it up just like you would a bigger plate, but the size will ensure you don’t go over the top. 

Once again, I always like to get a plate of fresh fruit to accompany my main meal. It’s sweet and hydrating, a great alternative to a cake or pastry (don’t feel like you can’t have an actual dessert, it’s a vacation after all! Just limit yourself to one choice from the buffet, usually made in a small bite size so it won’t be over the top). 

Always remember to get some vegetables in, whether that’s salsa and pico or a side salad or just some sliced veggies. Key to remember: try to avoid the ready made salad dressings, as they are usually full of empty calories. Make your own with oil and vinegar or keep it simple with lime/lemon juice, salt and pepper. Best to eat this to start the meal so if you fill up you haven’t skimped on your serving of vegetables! 

My last rule is to always get the guacamole (if offered). It has healthy fats from the avocado, often has added tomatoes and onions to increase the nutrient value, and more often than not is DELICIOUS. If it’s a little bland, squeeze some fresh lime and add some salt to taste. The perfect vacation snack. 

Don’t forget that you’re on vacation and you should enjoy yourself! Be conscious of what you’re eating but don’t feel too restricted. 


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