Review: FRANK’S (Wellington, NZ)

This post is my first (hopefully among many) restaurant review. I love to mull over and analyze a meal after consuming it, so here I offer those conclusions. Why has it taken me so long? In all honesty it’s because I normally don’t wait long enough to take a picture of my food before digging in, and it’s just a let down to read a review without any visuals in my opinion (though sadly, I only have one picture to accompany this post). 

Located on the fringes of downtown Wellington, FRANK’S prides itself on being first and foremost a coffeeshop. While I certainly can appreciate good coffee vs bad, I’m nowhere near enough of a connoisseur to give a real opinion on this topic. The food at FRANK’S is the real star for me. 

Having eaten here twice on my trip thus far, I have been able to sample a few different items on the menu. 

Baked goods: The date scone is AMAZING. I was convinced to try it despite being somewhat hesitant (my normal preference for dates is stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon). I was blown away by the sweet cinnamon flavor without an overpowering presence of chewy dates. Toasted, they smell as divine as they taste. 

I also tried the raspberry, coconut, and chia seed muffin. I was pleasantly surprised by how unsweetened the muffin was; quite often muffins are just cake disguised. It had just the right amount of sweetness contrasted with tartness, although I would have liked to get some full berries and more of the coconut flavor. 

Additionally, FRANK’S makes softball sized stuffed donuts (as featured in the image for this post). I’m not kidding, they’re that big. They have a few flavors, but I opted for the lemon curd and marscapone. The lemon and cheese are wonderful together, though the marscapone was slightly bland in bites without the curd and could have used some added lemon juice in my opinion. 

Dishes: I was able to try two of the eggs Benedict (they offer three varieties). The tomato option comes with avocado, sauteed spinach, a grilled tomato, and citrus hollandaise on top of a potato rosti (basically a hash brown). I have gone back to eat this again, so that right there tells you how good it is. I even ate it with all the hollandaise, which I usually opt for on the side because it can be way too rich and overwhelming. 

The beef brisket benedict comes with crispy onions and a beetroot hollandaise, also on a rosti. While I’m not a huge fan of beef for breakfast, the flavors on this dish were awesome. The crispy onions really give it that extra something. 

4.5/5: I knock off the half point for some of the reasons listed above as well as the fact that my coffee palate is apparently not up to par: I don’t love the coffee (it seems a bit bitter to me). The food is creative and delicious, and I may have to make a third trip before my departure! 


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