Review: Le Gourmandise (Nelson, NZ)

Once again, this post is probably a little lacking in photos but bear with me, I’m working on my meal documentation!

This was a great little find in Nelson, a pretty seasonal locale that we hit during the offseason and unfortunately, a lot was closed. Luckily for us, Le Gourmandise was not.

With a cozy but airy atmosphere, the French bistro scent is temptingly palpable as you walk in the door. To start we ordered the special scallops and onion soup.

The scallops were prepared over a week fondue, artfully prepared on shells as seen in the photo. While the scallops were smaller than I was used to, they were nicely cooked. The real star of the dish was the leek fondue, delightfully cheesy with just a little bit of crunch.

The onion soup was good too, although the broth was lighter than typical onion soup. I’m not sure if the chef opted for chicken stock instead or just used less beef broth, but it lacked the more robust flavor of a strong beef broth. However, it was the most onion-y onion soup I have had, and they were wonderfully caramelized. Overall it worked well but I did think a bit more broth could have enhanced the dish.

For mains, we ordered the vegetarian galette and the goat cheese salad. The galette included avocado, mushrooms, cheese, tomato, and greens dressed with a champagne vinaigrette. The real star, though, was the buckwheat galette. Nice and crispy on the edges and very thin as it should be, as well as a great wheat flavor.

The salad was prepared with a light vinaigrette, prosciutto and four pieces of bread, toasted with goat cheese melted over top and a small dollop of fig preserves on each. It was tasty, although somewhat difficult to encompass all the flavors in a single bite. I also thought there could have been more fig jam, as it was easily lost in the rest of the dish.

To finish, we got the CaraPecaChoc crepe, with pecans, chocolate sauce, and caramel ice cream. The ingredients came atop the crepe, and I thought that it could have used a bit more chocolate sauce. I’m also not the biggest fan of warm treats with ice cream (I’m a weirdo, I know), so the combo didn’t entirely satisfy me.

4/5: Overall, the food was tasty and I could tell they used quality ingredients for the dishes. It had a warm and comfortable atmosphere and the staff was attentive. However, a few of the dishes were a little lacking in flavor and ingredient ratio.


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